Mediterranean Diet Lowers Risk of Kidney Disease, Study Finds

The Mediterranean diet has become a recent phenomenon, although it’s been around for ages. The diet consists of large amounts of vegetables and nuts as well as healthy fats like olive oil. There has been many studies done on the health benefits of sticking to the Mediterranean diet. It has been shown to reduce memory loss, fight diabetes, lower the risk of heart attacks and stroke as well as help control childhood asthma. And, another study has just proven yet another amazing health benefit. [Read more...]

Do’s and Don’ts When Your Hard Drive Starts Crashing

Do's and Don'ts When Your Hard Drive Starts Crashing

A nine-iron won’t recover your data. We completely understand your feelings; just don’t use a golf club on your computer. Maybe you could take a swing at some other inanimate object or even on your assistant who didn’t follow backup protocol or didn’t use Norton 360 all in one security (see article). Lessons learnedBut before you completely blow a gasket or have a heart attack, there are certain steps you should take once you start to notice data loss or other hard drive problems. [Read more...]

5 Great Online Tools For School Principals

School principals have a long list of responsibilities. You are responsible for organizing the school, managing teachers and other faculty members, and helping enhance student learning without using absorbent costs. Luckily the Internet can provide tools that can help your school and its students. [Read more...]