Memory Loss Can Be Prevented Through Regular Exercise

Proof already exists that cognitive problems are caused by restricted blood supply to the brain, and a solution has now been found that could help prevent such problems. Over 16 million people in the US suffer from cognitive issues, and this discovery could change this grim reality.

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Moderate Coffee Use Lowers Risks Of Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes

Despite its widespread use, the impact drinking coffee can have on the human body is still being studied intensively by the medical community. In the 1500s, doctors believed that coffee consumption could lead to an increased desire for sex. And in the centuries since, coffee use has been blamed for everything from impotence to blindness. And even in the past several decades, some studies had seemed to show that coffee consumption had a negative impact on the circulatory system and blood pressure. [Read more...]

Godaddy Coupon Makes Hosting A No Brainer

Suppose you are in need of web hosting as a blogger or a business owner. What would you think if you came across this deal in one of the biggest names in the web hosting industry. You get 30% off of all new products. Thirty percent off is a rare discount. New players in the market may offer such big discounts, but a company like Godaddy, which has been leading the hosting world since the dawn of Internet, goes the extra mile to offer this type of deals and coupon codes. [Read more...]