Nutrisystem Releases Fast 5+

Nutrisystem has just released Fast 5+, which is now available across all US. Fast 5+ is all about keeping you motivated and empowered to achieve your weight loss goal.

Nutrisystem has been providing weight management products since 1970. Their program helps you lose weight by delivering meals to your home.  A variety of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks consists the plan’s over 150 menu choices. Most meals are shelf-stable and pre-packaged, but there is also a line of frozen food choices known as “Nutrisystem Select”. There are different plans for men, women, and diabetics, supporting a 1-2lb/week weight loss.

What is Fast 5+?

When you join a Nutrisystem plan, you buy food for 4 weeks. Fast 5+ adds one more week to your 4-week plan (for a total of 5). It is an “introduction” week that aims at jump starting your weight loss. With Fast 5+ you lose 5 pounds in one week. Your first week. In addition, you lose 1 inch off your waist. Nutrisystem is so confident that Fast 5+ works that it offers a money back guarantee.

What is the Goal of Fast 5+?

Research has shown that when people lose weight their first week on a diet plan, they are much more likely to complete their plan and lose the desired weight. The goal of Fast 5+ is to increase the possibility that a Nutrisystem dieter will stick to the plan to the end, and succeed in their weight loss goal. It is an introduction to Nutrisystem’s 4-week weight loss plan, that puts you on the fast lane to weight loss. Therefore, the goal of Fast 5+ is to deliver early results. When a dieter sees the weight coming off right away, their motivation skyrockets, and so does their belief that the whole program will work.

This is what Marie Osmond, Nutrisystem’s spokesperson who lost 50lbs, says in one of the commercials. What inspired her to keep going and lose the weight was that since she joined the program she saw her clothes becoming bigger and bigger every day.

Marie Osmond Before After Nutrisystem

Marie lost 50 pounds

What are the Components of Fast 5+?

A special selection of meals for 1 week, from Nutrisystem’s 150+ menu options

A set of shakes that are designed to curb your appetite and boost your metabolism, known as Energi-ZING™ and Craving Crusher™ shakes, respectively.

A number of guides that will educate you on what vegetables to eat and how to mentally handle weight loss. The guides include  “7 Tips for Overcoming Obstacles”, “21 Tips for Winning Weight Loss”, and “6 Super Vegetables”.

Is it Clinically Proven?

Yes, Fast 5 has been clinically tested by a third party, so this proves the effectiveness of the Fast 5 kits, explains clinical psychologist Dr. Anthony Fabricatore,  who leads the Nutrisystem Research and Development team.